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The Top 10 Little-Known Anime References in Star Trek

  1. Seven of Nine. Rei Ayanami. Any questions?
  2. Data can be seen in the background of one TNG episode printing out a status report through his mouth
  3. It never came up, but Tuvok turns into a woman on contact with water
  4. Say, weren't there a lot of fists in the episode "North Star"?
  5. If you look really closely at the underside of the Excelsior in Star Trek VI, there's graffiti that says "Property of Il Palazzo"
  6. The Next Gen episode "Cause and Effect" is suspiciously similar to this one KyoAni show... wait a minute
  7. According to "Endgame", the Doctor is tomorrow's Joe
  8. Ever notice that Kivas Fajo from "The Most Toys" kept all his treasure in one piece?
  9. Nero, the villain from the '09 movie, was very loosely based on Jigglypuff
And the number one little-known anime reference in Star Trek....
  1. In First Contact, Picard lured some Borg into the holodeck and then Gundam down
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