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The Five-Minute Next Generation Subsite FAQ

by Marc Richard

Q: What is Five-Minute Next Generation?

It's the section of Five-Minute Voyager dedicated to Star Trek: The Next Generation and to the Next Generation feature films. It's referred to by the abbreviation 5MNG. (See the main Five-Minute Voyager FAQ for information about the site as a whole.)

Q: Who's in charge?

The section head of 5MNG is Marc Richard. He's the primary writer for the subsite, and he handles submissions to 5MNG from other writers. You can contact him at his 5MV address.

Q: Is 5MNG open for submissions?

Yes indeed. More than half of the show's episodes have been fived by now, and most of the remaining ones are already claimed, but there are still (at the time of the present writing) about a season's worth of titles still free. If you're interested in doing an episode, contact me; I'll let you know what's available and I'll send you a copy of the 5MNG supplementary guidelines for submission.

Q: What do you mean by "supplementary guidelines"? Are these different from the general 5MV Submissions FAQ?

Not so much different as complementary. They're a set of additional requirements (mainly dealing with the format of the manuscript you send me) and of suggestions (mainly dealing with how your fiver should be structured). I put these guidelines together when I first started receiving external submissions, as a labour-saving device for both guest writers and me. They're a kind of checklist that explains what you should aim for and what you should try to avoid, based on what tends to work best in a fiver and on what tends not to work so well.

Q: Where did the comic for "Encounter at Farpoint" come from?

The Farpoint comic was put together by a guy named Tommy Kvarsvik using screencaps from the episode itself, coupled by lines from the fiver itself. If you like his work on the Farpoint comic, check out the one he did for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Q: Where does 5MNG fit into 5MV's development?

5MNG was the first subsite added to 5MV. The site, which originally focused on Star Trek: Voyager, has since grown into a media empire that covers every Star Trek series and lots of additional materials, including other television shows, movies and videogames.

Q: That would make a good trivia question. Are there any other 5MNG firsts that I should know about if I want to impress people the next time I go to a party?

That depends on the kind of parties you go to, but you could mention that the Next Generation movie Nemesis was the first new Star Trek feature film to be released since 5MV's creation, and hence the first Trek movie ever to be fived non-retrospectively.

Q: Considering how "Nemesis" did at the box office, will it also be the last Trek movie ever to be fived non-retrospectively?

I won't try to answer that question. It's above my pay grade.

Got a question you think should be in this FAQ? E-Mail it to Marc.

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