Enter Mayweather!

by Zeke

A forest somewhere

(Travis is leaping desperately through the tree branches, carrying a scroll.)

Iruka: Travis! Come back! It's me, your sensei!

(Travis looks back, but doesn't stop.)

Iruka: Travis, this is very important! You've got to give the scroll to me!

Travis: *chucks ninja stars at Iruka*

Iruka: ARRGH!

(Iruka crashes to the ground. Travis follows.)

Iruka: How... how did...

(Puff of smoke)

Mizuki: How did you know I wasn't Iruka?

Travis: *grin*

(Puff of smoke)

Iruka: I'm Iruka!

Mizuki: Heh. Clever.

(Long pause)

Mizuki: Wait, so where the hell is Mayweather?

Iruka: He's not me. Is he you?

Mizuki: No.

(Long pause)

Iruka: Are you sure?

A cliff, miles away

Travis: (dangling from a rope) Why does this keep happening?

The code word for this Easter egg is "ovumaki". Post it at the forum to show off your egg-finding skills without giving away the location.

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This easter egg was originally published on April 1, 2010.

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