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5ME: Season 2
Latest addition: Five-Minute "Dawn" (February 9, 2006)
Shockwave, Part II Zeke Archer saves the future from himself. T'Pol saves Archer from Soval. Hoshi saves Reed from boredom. Nobody bothers saving Travis.
Carbon Creek Zeke T'Pol tells the story of her ancestor Shannon T'Donnell's visit to the City on the Edge of 11:59.
Minefield Zeke Archer and Reed have a game of Minesweeper. Reed wishes he'd stuck to Solitaire.
Dead Stop Zeke B'Elanna kills Travis. No, really.
A Night in Sickbay Zeke Archer confronts his intense lack of sexual tension with T'Pol, mostly to shut up Sigmund Phlox. Porthos, a bat, and a water polo ball compete to see who can have the worst day.
Vanishing Point Zeke Hoshi simultaneously invents the transporter accident, the misleading dream sequence, and the sport of extreme knife-eating. Reed is furious to see his record broken.
New! Dawn Derek Dean Trip does a little hammering of his own.
Cease Fire Zeke Archer learns that being a pacifier sucks.
The Crossing Zeke The fog's got Trip! Stay back or it'll get you too!
The Breach Zeke Reed and Trip find out what happens when you let Travis run the show. Archer helps Phlox come to terms with prejudice by Cardassians against Vulcans. Or something.
First Flight Marc Richard
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