5MFY: Season 1
Serenity Zeke Mal picks up a veritable bonanza of passengers -- but which are good, which are bad, and which are ugly?
The Train Job Derek Dean Mal gets his Jesse James on. Simon gets around the Jayne of command.
Bushwhacked Jade Need to interrupt the taping of "Real World: Firefly"? Leave it to Reaver.
Shindig Jade River names all the stars, and there is great confusion. The resulting duel has Mal cowed.
Safe Jade They're not. Duh.
Our Mrs. Reynolds Jade Mal marries a space ho. Can Inara take the ho down?
Jaynestown Jade The crew find out that Jayne is one bad mudder-father.
Out of Gas Jade Simon gets a ceilidh, just not the one the shippers want. Mal has a whole Year of Hell in a day.
Ariel Jade Jayne sells Simon down the River.
War Stories Jade Wash gets tired of Zoe always having the captain's ear. Inara makes one last bid for ratings.
Trash Jade Saffron persuades Mal that happiness is an old gun. Monty got a raw deal.
The Message Jade Mal and Zoe's old buddy comes back a little gutsier.
Heart of Gold PointyHairedJedi Mal keeps searching for one, and he's getting old. Just kidding. He's Young.
Objects in Space Jade Serenity is acted on by an unbalanced bounty hunter. River shows up Early.
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