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stripysox 04-20-2005 03:52 PM

"They got the mustard out" - also the Buffy Musical.

evay 04-20-2005 06:52 PM

Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame-seed bun. (*sigh* I miss the days of good jingles)

Chancellor Valium 04-20-2005 08:45 PM

"My girlfriend's run off with my car
And gone back to her ma and pa
Telling tails of drunkenness and cruelty
Now I'm sitting here
Sipping at my ice cold beer
Lazin' on a sunny afternoon"
-- Sunny Afternoon, the Kinks

Scooter 04-23-2005 07:07 AM

"Oh, Eleazar Wheelock was a very pious man;
He went into the wilderness to teach the Indian,
With a gradus and a Parnassum, a Bible, and a drum,
And five hundred gallons of New England rum."

-- "Eleazar Wheelock" (a traditional college song of Dartmouth)

KillerGodMan 04-23-2005 01:22 PM

"Well there's five bucks, that I'll never see again,
and to top it off, I think I'm probably gonna be late for work."

Weird Al - "Why does this alwys happen to me?"

Nate the Great 04-29-2005 07:50 PM

Indiana Jones: Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?

Nate the Great 04-29-2005 07:51 PM

Westley: Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

KillerGodMan 04-29-2005 10:10 PM

Scooter's old member title: Who?

Chancellor Valium 06-29-2005 01:00 PM

Spike Milligan: The famous Eccles!

persianmouse 06-29-2005 07:30 PM

" I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even put a stopper in death."- Professor Severus Snape

Chancellor Valium 07-01-2005 03:06 PM

"Ich bin ein Berliner!"
-- JFK (?)

KillerGodMan 07-02-2005 03:13 AM

"storm's a brewing..." - JFK (in clone high)

Chancellor Valium 07-02-2005 05:20 PM

"Though you walk in the storm, and your dreams be tossed and blown 10 seconds guys, it's been nice knowin' ya"
-Eddie, HHG

persianmouse 07-03-2005 02:42 AM

"Though I walk through the valley in the shadow of Death, I look around, and I am not afraid; Because I know I'm gonna be kicking your fucking ass from cloud to cloud for leaving me alone for 15 years, once I get over there. You stupid bastard."- Insane Russian shopowner, to her dead husbands ashes.

Chancellor Valium 07-03-2005 02:07 PM

"Into the valley of death rode the six-hundred" - The Charge Of The Light Brigade, Tennyson (?)

persianmouse 07-04-2005 05:45 AM

"It's not death if you refuse it; it's death if you accept it." -J. O'Barr

Chancellor Valium 07-04-2005 07:25 PM

"Damned if you do, damned if you don't" - unknown

KillerGodMan 07-05-2005 05:58 AM

"Damn you, Vader!" - Master Chief - There's Something About Halo

Chancellor Valium 07-05-2005 02:48 PM

"And now, Lord Vader, I sense that you wish to continue your search for young Skywalker....." --Palpatine, RotJ

Burt 05-02-2006 03:29 AM

"But I still haven't found, what I'm looking for!" U2, in their never-ending search of a song. Somebody should get them a map or something.

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