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Nate the Great 02-23-2020 06:32 PM

It's been three years since I've shilled Cliff Stoll, but this time he's really gone off the deep end.

Linking two Klein bottles...okay.
Linking three Klein bottles...a little harder, but okay.
Linking SEVENTEEN Klein bottles...what?!?!
Nesting three Klein!?!

Nate the Great 03-03-2020 02:47 PM

Straight from Reddit...

A music box that plays the old Tootsie Roll commercial.

Even though this commercial is from 1977, I remember it still airing as I was growing up in the '80s. I have fond memories of it. Plus I love Tootsie Rolls. Not so much Tootsie Pops, as I don't like mixing chocolate and fruit flavors in candy.

Nate the Great 03-04-2020 02:43 AM

25 Fictional Sports That Would Be Crazy Dangerous in Real Life

Of course Parrises Squares is on the list, too bad the images are of Anbo-jyutsu, NOT Parrises Squares. I get that we've never actually seen a game of Parrises Squares, but we have seen the uniforms and heard many things about it.

Nate the Great 03-05-2020 01:55 AM

You all remember Star Wars Uncut, of course, but a group of people did the same with Shrek.

Nate the Great 03-10-2020 01:56 AM

Pushing Up Roses shows us Murder She Wrote episodes every so often, and the latest one guest-stars Kate Mulgrew.

Nate the Great 03-14-2020 07:29 PM

Pi Day 2020! YouTube has lots of videos, but here are some highlights:

Mind Your Decision shows us how to make any number from four pis
Vi Hart strikes again
A few members of the Numberphile crew calculates pi by hand in the house that Isaac Newton did it hundreds of years ago
Yanjaa shows us how to memorize the first 100 digits of pi

Nate the Great 03-16-2020 01:14 AM

On a video of Scotty being brought out of suspension, there's a great joke in the comments...

Riker: "Look, I'm sorry about that little show back there, but we thought it best to break it to you slowly."

Scotty: "Break what, lad?"

Riker: "You've been in suspended animation, Captain, for over 70 years." (Scotty looks around in shock).

Geordi: "You gonna be okay?"

Scotty: "Aye, aye, laddie, I just... I had a date."

Nate the Great 03-17-2020 01:28 PM

A buy from China sets the new record for solving three Rubik's Cubes while juggling them, a little over five minutes.

Nate the Great 03-18-2020 08:00 PM

Of all the songs I never thought you could "metalize", the Popcorn Song is one of them.

But wouldn't you know, someone's done it.

Nate the Great 03-26-2020 01:03 AM

A fan has made a "Discoveryized" version of the 1701 that more closely fits the original.

I like this a lot more than what is actually on Discovery. I would be more accepting of this design as "that's what it really looked like, but the budget couldn't extend that far!" goes.

In the comments there's still debate about whether or not the "has to be 25% different" clause was really in effect. I thought that was answered years ago!

Nate the Great 03-26-2020 01:52 PM

So apparently Lemon Demon made an updated version of The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny back in 2017.

I don't like it.

The music is overbearing when the point is the lyrics. The lyrics seem to be altered too much to fit the music. The whole thing seems like Lemon Demon was trying to take it away from "fun spoof" into "legitimate music." Plus the 3D models seem to exist in a void. The standins for the characters barely look like who they're supposed to be, and the whole thing is severely underpopulated because there are only so many fictional characters that can be represented by prebuilt standins.

I have to go cleanse myself with the original...

Nate the Great 03-26-2020 06:21 PM

Someone turned Dr. Seuss' "Oh, The Places You'll Go" into a rap.

Another example of "just when you think life can't get weirder, it does."

She did the same thing to the Grinch, FYI.

Nate the Great 03-27-2020 12:59 PM

Star Trek Deviantart Day 10!

Stylized Female TOS Officer. I'm reminded of Erin Esurance for some reason...

Klingon Santa Claus

This Voldemort variant doesn't have much to do with Star Trek, but I have to comment that he reminds me of a Chodak from the game A Final Unity.

A young Sarek

This is supposed to be Gul Dukat, but his face is too round...

Chibi Kirk and Rand. Have I mentioned how much I hate the green wraparound tunic enough yet?

Flying Gremlin 03-31-2020 07:36 AM

The cast of Discovery sings Rent. Let's hear it for the... nerds!

I wasn't late posting this, nor I was I early. I posted it precisely when I meant to.

NAHTMMM 04-12-2020 03:02 AM

Some other covers:

There are people who use Animal Crossing characters as inspiration to cover such songs as "Take On Me" or "Fireflies"

A sort of, I dunno, smooth lounge jazz version of "Come Together"

A bluegrass version of "Linger"

DrWho42 04-13-2020 06:01 AM

a friend wrote an obit for my cat in file 770:

Nate the Great 04-15-2020 11:16 PM

Nostalgia Critic Review of the new Doctor Doolittle movie.

Ugh, I'm glad I didn't watch this one. I take my Doctor Doolittle very seriously, I've spent decades building my collection, even if I'm still a few books short I'll bet you I'm the only one in a hundred miles to own anything but The Story of Doctor Doolittle and The Voyages of Doctor Doolittle, the only ones that are always in print.

Yes, the Rex Harrison movie is deeply flawed, but I still enjoy it. Never bothered with the Eddie Murphy series.

Zeke 04-15-2020 11:39 PM

My condolences about your cat, DrWho42.

NAHTMMM 04-24-2020 10:38 PM

Sorry to hear about your cat. :(

Nate the Great 04-29-2020 02:50 AM

So I just watched Star Trek: Renegades that happened.

I don't want to do a full-blown riffing session, let's just summarize with "good acting but a hideously paced story with inadequate exposition."

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