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Zeke 06-02-2010 10:40 PM

June 2
Welcome to June -- and the start of something new at, or rather, the return of something old. I used to make newsposts a lot with or without new content; a lot of these were link posts and such. (Hard as it is to believe now, there have even been periods when I updated daily!) Eventually I got out of the habit; among other reasons, I was finding it harder to come up with links. But I've had several years to accumulate more. So, as part of getting rolling for our tenth birthday, I'm gonna start making link posts again -- and I have just the one to start with.

Last week saw the end of two television phenomena: <i>24</i> and <i>Lost</i>. The latter in particular got the attention of a lot of people I know. I've often considered the possibility of doing <i>Lost</i> fivers; the main obstacle is that I never got into the show. By the time I got past the superficial resemblance to <i>Survivor</i>, I was already seasons behind. So "5ML" never materialized.

But a <i>blatant ripoff</i> did.

I've known about <a href="">Five-Minute Lost</a> by Adam pretty much since it was created. (Hitcounter.) That wouldn't have worked if he hadn't linked to me, so it's not like he was hiding his source -- in fact, you'll notice he uses the term "ripped off" himself. He's not the first to do something like this; two of the exosites started out the same way, and there are others around. I tend to let it slide as long as is acknowledged, since it's flattering and I can't exactly send out C&Ds anyway.

It looks like Adam stopped Losting a while back, but he wrote about ten fivers first. For obvious reasons, I can't vouch for them -- but the parts I read seem pretty funny to this outsider. Go check 'em out.

NAHTMMM 06-03-2010 01:53 PM

Yeah, it looks pretty amusing. :)

Wowbagger 06-10-2010 03:58 AM

Oh, finally. I tried to five the Lost Pilot once, and failed miserably in about five minutes flat (ha!). Now somebody's done it -- and done it well!

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