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Zeke 06-28-2010 11:10 PM

June 28: Five-Minute "Gridlock" (XAW, Day 4)
<p>Today another staff member returns, and he's got something that should please the readers who have been bringing up Doctor Who. Here's Derek Dean with our first Martha-era fiver, "<a href="../doctorwho/fiver.php?ep=gridlock">Gridlock</a>". (Isn't it convenient how any <i>Tenth</i> Doctor episode automatically fits our theme?)
<p>Be here tomorrow, and if you haven't dropped by the forum yet, do it! People are turning up that I thought were <i>dead</i>!

Sa'ar Chasm 06-29-2010 02:08 AM


Thomas: Welcome aboard our hovercar, Doctor. I'm purrrfectly happy to meet you!
Doctor: Cat jokes. Great. Look I need to find Martha. Do you know where she is?
Thomas: In that car headed for the high occupancy vehicle lanes.
Doctor: Oh no, you mean --?
Thomas: Yes, she's HOV-positive.


Milo: So the Macra are attacking us. We need someone to saaaaaaave us!
Martha: I believe in the Doctor, even though I've only just met him and he's mildly neurotic.
Cheen: How can you believe in a total stranger?
Martha: I've got faith -- faith of the hearts.
I'm sure this would make a lot more sense if I actually watched Doctor Who. Still, nice gratuitous Enterprise reference.

Well done.

NAHTMMM 06-30-2010 09:50 PM


Doctor: Him again? Is he going to tell me his secret?
Face of Boe: Yes.
Doctor: And is it going to be something other than the fact you're a big giant head in a jar?
Face of Boe: Well, it is now.

Grayvorn 07-14-2010 06:00 PM

A new DW fiver and tis a Martha one, yay!

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