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Zeke 01-02-2016 04:30 AM

MARVEL COMICS #1 in 30 Seconds
Oo! Speaking of things that are done but unpublished, I just discovered something perfect to kick off the new year.

Back in '07, I posted <a href="">FLASH: <i>Chain Lightning</i> in 30 Seconds</a>, my entry in a contest at Chris's Invincible Super-Blog. (Full details can be found in the <a href="">update thread</a>.) My entry was a bit late and didn't get mentioned in Chris's offical wrapup post, but it got some good traffic through the comments, and still does through links on a couple of Flash sites. All told, a success.

But that wasn't the last year Chris held the contest. I participated again in 2010, this time getting in just under the wire and securing a proper link. But it seems I relaxed a bit too hard afterwards and never got around to mentioning it here at 5MV! I was probably planning to polish it up first, adding more colour and such.

I may still do that later, but it's fine now and I've waited too long to share it. Here is <a href="../comics/marvelcomics1.html"><b>MARVEL COMICS #1 in 30 Seconds</b></a> -- my take on the 1939 comic that introduced the first Human Torch. Happy New Year!

Nate the Great 01-02-2016 01:33 PM

Are you sure you've never posted that? It seems familiar...

Zeke 01-02-2016 02:42 PM

Aha! You're right, I did, but only in a quick "I'll come back to this later" way. That's why I didn't find it when I searched the site.

This, then, is the prophesied back-to-it-coming. Hopefully it'll be new to some readers. But I do find it satisfying in a different way that both replies so far -- yours here, Wowbagger's on FB -- were "hey, I remember this." 5MVers are not to be underestimated!

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