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Zeke 05-01-2007 10:28 PM

Vote or Die
Stan: Vote or Die? What the hell does that even mean?
Puff Daddy: (pulls out a gun) What do you think it means, bitch?

Fiver By Committee Colon Online Java Poll For Internets

I picked what seemed like the top ten suggestions and added Godzilla as an afterthought. Go vote.

Note: This poll is in no way binding, unless proposition 304 passes, and we all pray it will. Also, the Bond option refers to any Bond movie. We'd pick the particular one later.

Note 2: YOU CAN VOTE FOR MORE THAN ONE THING. That's why I didn't just use our built-in forum poll feature.

ijdgaf 05-01-2007 11:10 PM

So far it's a six way tie! Woo!

Zeke 05-01-2007 11:57 PM

Hmm. I've added a Note 2 which may be relevant, because I know five of those six votes are mine.

ijdgaf 05-01-2007 11:59 PM

I guess it doesn't let you vote twice though. Hmm...

Ah well. I picked my top pick. Didn't pick any others because I thought it'd be fairest.

Nate the Great 05-02-2007 12:30 AM

Well, we'll see how this turns out...

Nate the Great 05-02-2007 01:58 AM

Oh, and are you guys really serious about fiving Jaws? Is there actually enough plot to fill an entire fiver?

AKAArzosah 05-02-2007 02:04 AM

And it's Indiana Jones in the lead by a head, closely followed by Jaws and the ever popular Independence Day. Close behind and still in with a chance we have Jurrassic Park, 2001, the family-favorite Terminator, Time Machine, James Bond, and the Japanese favorite Godzirrrra. Bringing up the rear is Close Encounters, and ET probably without a chance now. Only a few furlongs left to go now in the Committee Cup...

AKAArzosah 05-02-2007 02:21 AM

I think Jaws would work, but I don't think it'll end up being that one. Personally, I liked your version.

Nate the Great 05-02-2007 02:27 AM

Thanks. I still think that my version pretty much encapsulates the plot.

ijdgaf 05-02-2007 02:41 AM

When's the last time you saw Jaws? Perhaps you are thinking of its sequels.

AKAArzosah 05-02-2007 02:55 AM

It had sequels? Oh Gawd. I never knew.
I don't think I ever saw ALL of Jaws. And what I have seen mus have been years ago at least. It never really personally interested me all that much.
Come to think of, is Jaws even really Sci-Fi? It's more like horror, I would think. Unless they really go into an explanation of it's size at some point.

Sa'ar Chasm 05-02-2007 03:37 AM


Come to think of, is Jaws even really Sci-Fi?
Well, the shark behaves nothing like real sharks do, so there's your fiction right there.

As for the science, uhh...
"Science fiction is whatever I point to and say 'that's science fiction'" - Damon Knight

Completely off topic...IJD, is that a Star Destroyer made of bubbles?

AKAArzosah 05-02-2007 04:00 AM

I believe it is a Star Destroyer made of Euros.

mudshark 05-02-2007 04:06 AM

Voted. Do I win a free phone?


Originally Posted by Sa'ar Chasm (Post 73500)
Completely off topic...IJD, is that a Star Destroyer made of bubbles?

I wondered about that, too. Not about the bubbles -- just what it was, in general (or is it something to do with Euros? I just don't know... )

Nate the Great 05-02-2007 04:25 AM

Never saw any Jaws movie. I don't feel that it's necessary.

ijdgaf 05-02-2007 05:32 AM

That's fine. But it's probably necessary if you're going to try to summarize a full length feature film (and one which jump-started the career of one of the greatest Hollywood directors of our time) into a mere two lines.

Zeke 05-02-2007 07:25 AM

Star Destroyer? People, that's <i>obviously</i> the Enterprise from his usual avatar, just overlaid with Euros or whatever those are.

Originally Posted by AKAArzosah (Post 73499)
It had sequels? Oh Gawd. I never knew.

I don't know about the others, but Jaws 2 is notable for one of the all-time great movie slogans: "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...."

AKAArzosah 05-02-2007 07:37 AM

Invented by Jaws 2, and then used by every other movie ever to have a hint of water in it since. Did they get a bigger boat in that one, then?

ijdgaf 05-02-2007 12:24 PM

I honestly don't remember. The sequels kept diving into deeper and deeper levels of suck each time. Until we had a movie about an intelligent shark who wanted revenge on the Brody family, and followed his wife and son from New England to the Carribbean, only to be killed by the mast of a sailboat.

No joke.

Nate the Great 05-02-2007 03:28 PM

Okay, so I read the plot summary on Wikipedia, and since the entire plot seems to be:

Jaws: Aaargh!
A Bunch of People: Gak!
Quint and Brody: Eat compressed air!
Jaws: Gak!

I think my original fiver stands.

I'm not begrudging the opportunities for really stupid fish jokes, it's just that...well...I'm a stubborn and whiny person when I don't get my way. I don't think this is new information, is it?

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