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PointyHairedJedi 07-11-2010 12:05 PM

So what have you guys & gals been up to?
I figured it was about time someone started a catchup thread. After all, it's been a while for some of us, so at least one of us is bound to have done something interesting in the mean time. I mean, obviously I have, that goes without saying. Anyway, I'll let someone else start things off so that I can feel smug and superior for at least the next thirty seconds*.

*If anyone hears a kind of deflating sound in the next, oh, couple of hours, it'll probably be my ego.

Katy Jane 07-11-2010 06:14 PM

I started school back in march, to be a Veterinary technician. It's been going well. :)

Sa'ar Chasm 07-11-2010 07:17 PM

Back in Ottawa, back in grad school. My FAQ's been out of date so long that it's accurate again (don't yell at Zeke, that was me not updating it). I'm doing my PhD and trying to convert biomass into biodiesel. So far, I've found a hundred different ways in which it won't work.

MaverickZer0 07-12-2010 04:31 AM

In university, studying computational linguistics. Still in BC. Engaged. Going pretty well, all told.

Ginga 07-12-2010 05:52 AM

Oh boy, lots of things happened between 2007 and now. The short version is that I moved, changed my major to theater, and as a result have about two more years of school ahead of me. I have no idea where my life is going, can't get a job because the economy is dicks, but I'm happier than I've ever been. It's basically like my life shoots out puppies and rainbows all the time like some sort of fantastic happiness cannon.

PointyHairedJedi 07-12-2010 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by Ginga (Post 77855)
It's basically like my life shoots out puppies and rainbows all the time like some sort of fantastic happiness cannon.

I want one of those! Seriously, if it was labrador puppies, those things are heavy as well as cute, so that wouldn't be a weapon to laugh at. One could laugh with it, though. Evilly.

I've done a couple of moderately noteworthy things - the biggest have been taking up two instruments (cello & viola: I get free tuition, about my only job perk but it's a pretty good one), getting diagnosed with Aspergers (that one's a whole story in of itself), and moving into my own flat. I visited Nic too, so that's two I can tick off my list of 5MVers that I've met. Oh, I'm also part of the SAS, and I won a Nobel prize*.

* Only one of these things is false.

NAHTMMM 07-12-2010 11:12 PM


Originally Posted by PointyHairedJedi (Post 77856)
* Only one of these things is false.

It's the bit about the cello, right?

PointyHairedJedi 07-13-2010 07:30 AM

Nope. :P

MmeBlueberry 07-14-2010 12:36 AM

Well, I posted once while I was pregnant and once after Clara was born, but before then it was spring 2007ish that I had been posting. So, since then...

I started grad school in fall 2007. I'm now a mere thesis away from finishing my master's in mathematics education.

Little Precious was born in January 2009, as referenced above.

...I've made a few quilts and stuff? I don't know, I'm pretty boring other than [s]the grad school and[/s] the cute baby.

PointyHairedJedi 07-15-2010 08:25 AM

Cute babies are never boring, I'm sure! Especially not if they figure out that they are cute, and that it means they can get away with stuff...

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