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Zeke 02-21-2008 10:24 PM

February 21
<p>Guess what? Today I've got two new TJI Briefs for you, both slightly past their obvious inspiration dates but still edible. Here's #5, <a href="../thisjustin/b5.html">Sheridan unveils groundhog plan</a>, and the very strange #6, <a href="../thisjustin/b6.html">Giants crush patriots</a>.
<p>(Also, we've now moved to a better server. Thanks as usual to AntonyF for the seamless changeover.)

NAHTMMM 02-21-2008 10:39 PM

#5 is particularly amusing, but #6 is great too!


"I'll never forget the last thing Kosh said to me before he di-- uh, fell down. He said 'Groundhogs are the key to GAK.' Look, the fall took a lot out of him. Anyway, Vorlons are never easy to understand, but I believe I've found the meaning of Kosh's words. My track record is pretty good. Remember when I saved us from that space probe a while ago? I realized just in time what Kosh had meant when he said 'Later today, blow up a probe.'"
Verrrrrrrry nice. :D

Derek 02-22-2008 12:02 AM


This year's bowl was the most-watched since 2004, when the cavemen defeated the astronauts in a hard-fought battle.
That's not the way I remembered it....

Tate 02-22-2008 06:25 PM


"It may seem silly, or even just pun-based," continued Capt. Sheridan, "but this new plan will help us stave off the Shadows, and that's what counts. My critics call it rodenculous; I call it prodent."
Capt. Sheridan then died, but recovered in time to issue the groundhogs their assignments.
Very funny. Great puns.

Zeke 02-22-2008 07:24 PM


Originally Posted by Derek (Post 76041)
That's not the way I remembered it....


Excuse me while I change the year on that. I was just using the year "A Hole in the World" aired.

PointyHairedJedi 02-26-2008 10:18 PM

Do American "football" teams really have such daft nicknames as that*? Also, do you have have any kind of Google account on the go, Zeke? I sent you an email but neglected to actually ask about that part.

*Disclaimer: Ours are probably dafter, but speaking from a position of near complete ignorance on the matter, I don't care so much.

Tate 02-26-2008 11:26 PM

If you mean 'Giants', 'Patriots', 'Packers', 'Cardinals', and 'Redskins', then yes. If you mean 'tailors', 'slingshot-wielders', 'Lilliputians', or 'math teachers', then no. If you mean 'groundhogs', then you must be reading the wrong TJI. :)

Wowbagger 02-29-2008 01:00 AM

Do you know what I miss? Daily updates. I've meant to say that for some time, but, really, there was something comforting about logging on every day and finding some random link from the Zeke.

That was how I discovered both webcomics and ARG's, in fact. Much good came of the daily link dump.

Don't feel guilty about it, Zeke! Just give your crazed fans something, and soon!

(Barring that, start a webcomic. xkcd doesn't update often enough and you're funnier anyway.)

Anyhow, great TJI's, as always.

Nate the Great 02-29-2008 04:45 AM

It saddens me that I can't reply to that without sounding either demanding, lecturing, pathetic, or just plain stupid.

NAHTMMM 03-05-2008 01:08 AM

Then expand your repertoire. :) Try for, say, enlightening or mysterious or invigorated.

KillerGodMan 03-05-2008 02:33 AM

Is it true? Are there actual updates on a quasi regular basis?
For serious?
I can come back?

Huh, next thing you know, I'll get accepted into Queens...

Nate the Great 03-05-2008 03:36 AM

I meant that replying with what I'm actually thinking would put a lot of bad feelings into the air, plus get me into a lot of hot water.

Wowbagger 03-05-2008 05:58 AM

You could just PM me with your demanding, lecturing, pathetic, or just plain stupid comments. I won't share them with the world.

NAHTMMM 03-08-2008 03:42 AM


Originally Posted by Nate the Great (Post 76089)
I meant that replying with what I'm actually thinking would put a lot of bad feelings into the air, plus get me into a lot of hot water.

Then don't reply with what you're thinking. Works for me. :)

Or, you could try thinking things that would put a lot of better feelings in the air (or maybe pull bad feelings out of the air? Surely they've invented something to do that) and help you avoid getting into too much overly heated water. That might be even better! :D

Nate the Great 03-08-2008 05:11 AM

I suppose I shouldn't do the obvious gag of suggesting an interracial group hillside singalong, should I?

PointyHairedJedi 03-09-2008 09:51 PM

Obvious gag...

Someday, young fellow, we shall have to preserve your brain for future science. :p

Nate the Great 03-10-2008 12:00 AM

Just remember to put my brain jar next to Einstein's. Or else build it into a robotic body a la The Starship Destiny.

mudshark 03-10-2008 05:27 AM


Originally Posted by PointyHairedJedi (Post 76109)
Someday, young fellow, we shall have to preserve your brain for future science. :p

In a lead-lined concrete box? At the bottom of the Marianas Trench?

Still risky. I don't know...

Nate the Great 03-10-2008 05:39 AM

Actually, the safest route is probably launching my ashes into the sun or something.

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