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Ivanova: Unlimber sponson... unship frizzen...
Bester: (over the comm) ...hello? Anyone there?
Ivanova: Deploy BFG... acquire target...
Nice use of terminology.
Ashi: Not the hair, not the hair! OK, I'll talk. The man running Dust is named Morgenstern.
Garibaldi: Morgenstern? Inconceivable!
Still not sure I get this one

Londo: G'Kar, his brain twitching.
G'Kar: Londo, his eyes bleeding.
Londo: Now that you've vented your drug-fueled rage, we can go our separate ways and forget this ever happened, yes?
G'Kar: No, actually. I'd prefer to rifle through your memories... let's see, embarassing anecdotes, complicity in war atrocities, witnessing the bombing of the Narn homeword... I must say, those fires look rather fake.
Londo: Yes, we refer to the process as artificial incineration.
Londo: Snakes!
Sheridan: Yes! He was framed! It wasn't him, it was the one-armed Narn! Furthermore...
Magistrate: This could go on for a while. Before he finishes, I sentence you to 60 days in the brig.
G'Kar: Two months? If I'd known I'd get off that easy, I'd have beaten Mollari senseless years ago.

And, um ... other stuff, too. Nice, as usual.
Methinks Ted Sturgeon was too kind.

'Yes, but I think some people should be offended.'
-- John Cleese (on whether he thought some might be offended by Monty Python)
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