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Default May 19

Welcome back to what I hope will be a better update schedule. Work's still going on, but one course is over and I got a big chunk handed in yesterday for the other one, so I'm gonna let myself make updates again (small ones until I'm completely done).

Those who visit the forums will have noticed that the near-impossible has happened: I actually did something with Fiver By Committee! For those who don't know or don't remember, Fiver By Committee is a forum thing where we take a movie one scene a time and members post their fiverified versions of the scene, then vote on which one's best. The first one (The Matrix) has been basically done for a long time, and I'm going to publish it in the June anniversary event (as indeed I meant to do last year).

In the meantime, we're choosing our next target. If you think you might like to join in, go vote in the poll. Most of the regulars have already voted, but I'll leave it open a couple more days for those just reading about it now.

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