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"It may seem silly, or even just pun-based," continued Capt. Sheridan, "but this new plan will help us stave off the Shadows, and that's what counts. My critics call it rodenculous; I call it prodent."
Capt. Sheridan then died, but recovered in time to issue the groundhogs their assignments.
Very funny. Great puns.
“Allow me to show you the door!” (Points) “Look. The door. It’s the wooden thing with the knob.” –Pancho, The Asparagus of La Mancha , VeggieTales

Candace: (gasp) The square root of 'soon' is 'never'!

The Doctor: It was all in the job title: Head of human resources.
Lance: This time, it's personnel.

To God be the glory. ><>
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