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Originally Posted by Wowbagger View Post
So I'm all, like, hey, it's late at night, didn't do an April Fool's Joke, so let's just go read some old--what the frak! In fact, Zeke has taught me an important lesson about April Fool's jokes: they are far more effective and surprising when pulled on days other than April Fool's Day. I did, in fact, jump in my chair. Nicely done, sir.
I'd like to take that praise, but as I just noted in Misc, I wasn't lying in the newspost. I did do the thing on April 1 (albeit just barely). The newspost was a couple of days late for reasons that are not entirely unzombielike: I kept falling asleep at inappropriate times.

As for branes, I'm all braned out after reading the entire comment thread on xkcd's Zombie Fenyman strip (to see if anyone else had been annoyed about Fenyman's "unscientific darkness" line).* But I must admit I'd never heard of the things before that.

* Nobody had, of course. They really drink the Kool-Aid over there.
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