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Originally Posted by Wowbagger View Post
All the more reason for you to start your own.

Just sayin'.
Flattering as that is, I would have the minor problem that any xkcd-like comic I created now would be seen, with some justice, as a ripoff. At least with fivers I'm in the opposite position. (grumble grumble movies in fifteen minutes grumble)

I thought the punchline of that was brilliant, though, because it had both the string theorist snipe and the brane/brain pun.
I'm pretty sure he just intended the snipe, not the pun. Something about his phrasing.

What do you have against Mythbusters?
Not a thing. I have something against the idea that we're in the "unscientific darkness" (though it's not out of character for Fenyman to say it).
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