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Originally Posted by Nate the Great View Post
PNQ: Why 28 days? That's a werewolf, not a zombie, right?

PNQ: Trellium-D? Isn't that the emotion uninhibitor that T'Pol got addicted to? What does that have to do with zombies?
28 Days Later reference. As for Trellium-D, T'Pol used it in small amounts; large amounts turned a ship full of Vulcans into zombies in "Impulse".

I'm not opaque to the possible misreading of #4, but you really have to reach for it. I'm hoping enough people will recognize it as an Angel quote. (Lilah, S4 finale.)

mudshark, what are you talking about? She's here. She and I are "So Happy Together".

(^ not true)
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