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Default November 12

Ladies, gentlemen, and zombies... I am back. This site has been dormant for too long. I'll have more on that later in one of my usual needlessly talky articles, but first I'm going to blow your minds.

In November 2002, I started a little something called Fiver By Committee. It's been running intermittently since then; it attracted lots of interest, but for one reason or another, it tended to go dead for months at a time. All the "blocks" have been basically done for about a year now, and we've even chosen our next target. (I even made a reference to one of the completed scenes in The Disbanding 2.) But I dropped the ball again and never actually finished the job.

No longer. It's here. Behold Five-Minute The Matrix -- by you, with all-new starting and ending scenes by yours truly.

It was inevitable, Mr. Anderson.

(Note: Not all the little stuff may be uploaded tonight. My FTP program is being a complete grenchler.)

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