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Very funny. I especially liked the "Universal Health Claire" part.
Mohinder: Is this really something you can do with legislation?
Nathan: *smile* You can do anything with legislation, Mohinder.
Reminds me of when Dave Barry said that California had voted to repeal the law of gravity.
Adam: It's gold, my friends! The most valuable thing in the world! I've seen men kill each other for a gold watch-chain! The allure of gold has brought whole nations to ruin, and it can do the same for us!
Sylar: You must have been very upset when the bill was voted down 274 to 0.
Nathan: I still don't understand it! There are only 59 states!
It is somewhat strange, but...hey! Where did those extre nine states come from?

I also liked Adam's discrediting of Matt, Mohinder's closing statement, the references to Doctor Doom, just about all of it, in fact.

One more quote:
Sylar: Hasn't he been linked to that shoplifter, Angela Petrelli?
Adam: You're hassling ME about her?
Sylar: Who else would we hassle?
(Adam gestures wildly at Nathan with both arms.)
Sylar: If you like. Senator Petrelli, do you have any connection to this Petrelli woman?
Nathan: Never heard of her, Gabriel.
Adam: *stammering* You... she... your MOTHER!
Mohinder: That's uncalled for, Mr. Monroe. The last thing we need is for another debate to descend into a trash-talk war.
Good stuff
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