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I actually don't care for Galactica really at all. Never have (except during its really quite good third season) and probably never will.

But even I have to admit that the two parter we just saw was very well-written. Was suprised that the grenade was a flash-bang and not a frag as was implied by part one, but, hey, now my main men Adama and Tigh aren't dead.

I've been hearing people whine about Ellen being the final Cylon. It seems to me that, with all the hype that went into it, there was no way that The Fifth could pay off unless it was, say, (my personal bet) President Roslin. That wouldn't have worked for the show, and Ellen makes good sense, so stop whining about the lost sense of awe and revelation and focus on the characters--'cause that's what this show is really about.

I predicted Dee's suicide way back in Season One. She was the only really decent and hopeful human being on the show. No way would RDM let that kind of person survive his show. Disappointing.

Still, I'm more interested in the show than usual. Looking forward to seeing how it ends.

Also, congratulations on not being dead.
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