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I have always enjoyed this show, not that it is perfect by any means, but it really stretches and for the most part has respect for its audience's intelligence and attention which I appreciate. They also managed to land a huge pool of good actors/actresses which is great.

I have been digging this season so far, this last episode was a crazy info-dump, but it was done in a way that made a lot of sense with Ellen and at least a tradeoff with Sam (info for getting a bullet in the brain) so while it may not make intellectual sense (how likely is it that a bullet would just happen to do what it did), the emotional sense was there. I loved the Cavil/Ellen/Boomer scenes, the Sam scenes while well acted and lots of information, weren't as good and definitely felt more like an info-dump. I need to watch it again though to make sure I have everything straight!

The mutiny episodes were neat in how they brought back just about every minor character ever to add a lot more feeling to the mutiny instead of it just being a bunch of nameless people following Gaeta/Zarek. The mutiny side was pretty heavily stacked with scum though.

I agree that the crunch of stuff that was in the last episode of the first half was unfortunate and yes it should have been at least two episodes. Though having the final 4 Cylon stuff get lost in the Earth stuff and then resurface along with general Cylon hate for the mutiny worked well I thought, but still, definitely missed some nice character moments.

I did catch the 1701D door gotta love it.

For the normal people not getting that the 4 didn't know they were Cylons, I think more of them get it then don't, they just don't care and want someone to spew hate at even if it makes no sense. Or they know what the final 4 are saying, but don't believe them. Or they remember Boomer. I dunno, that's just the vibe I get from it, but I could be wrong.

I am really looking forward to how they resolve the outstanding points (The Opera House visions/Hera, Starbuck, Cavil catching up to the fleet (I assume this will happen, not spoiled), Baltar's Head/Chip Six, etc.) and how they end it. I am definitely not expecting a happy ending, though maybe a mostly sad/tragic with a little bit of happiness/hope.
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