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Dualla: Sir, wait! I've been trying to give you these forms to sign.
Adama: I saw them. They're just blank sheets of paper.
Dualla: And they can't go forward without your authorization!
Bureaucracy, like roaches, will survive pretty much any apocalypse.

Tigh: About time one of us got some rest. You sure you don't want to go first?
Adama: Hmm... I could use a shave.
Gaeta: Hold that thought! DRADIS contact!
Tigh: Just as well. No one wanted to say it, but you "shaved" the bottom of your face off last time.

He says he has information too important to wait, but not quite important enough to just say.
That's the most important kind of information of all!
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“There must have been a point in early human history when it was actually advantageous to, when confronted with a difficult task, drop it altogether and go do something more fun, because I do that way too often for it to be anything but instinct.” -- Isto Combs
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