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Default March 17

After an unexpected delay (one reason for which will be clear shortly), the BSG relaunch now continues. We started with an early episode, so next up is a recent one: Five-Minute "Deadlock". Spoilers up to near-series-end, so be warned.

This is actually not the one I mentioned having already written; that'll be next. I wanted something more recent first so I could advertise the event around (which I'll do now; better late than never).

Other things to be aware of:

  • The FAQ for this subsite is now up. No, I will not call it a FrAQ.
  • The show is ending this Friday, so now's the time to talk about it! We've got a thread at the forums for that purpose -- drop by and say something.
  • The "Deadlock" fiver includes a reference to a non-fiver BSG piece I've been toying with since about 2006. I'm hoping to finish it for this event. Feel free to guess which scene has the "foreshadowing".
  • Happy St. Patrick's Day and happy belated Pi Day. I'm working on something for the latter, but that'll be after the BSG event.

Finally, a personal note: two weeks ago, my grandfather passed away. I've said a few things about this at my LJ, but it's actually relevant to You see, "Zeke" isn't short for Ezekiel -- it's a nickname my grandpa gave me when I was just a baby. I use it as my handle whenever I need one, and it always reminds me of him. Rest in peace, Grandpa.

[Note: There are technical bits in this update that aren't finished. I know, so don't tell me.]

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