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Wow. Suddenly people around here watch Battlestar and talk about it... as the show ceases to exist.

A few exceedingly brief thoughts about season four:

- It was good, definitely the most consistent since season one. I think the plotlines we got might have really benefited from the wiggle room a fifth season might have allowed. But from a sheer numbers standpoint, there was no way a show this expensive with the ratings it had was going to make it that long.

- Daybreak was fun. Hard to swallow at points, but it's the happiest ending I've seen for a show in a while. Like, it was happier than Deep Space Nine. What the hell? Aside from the expected Roslin, nobody important died. Everyone lived happily ever after, the end. I am not complaining, because I always thought the best moments on this show were the most hopeful ones, the optimistic glints in a riverbed of gloom. And I always thought we'd get a pretty happy ending. But... not this happy. Crazy.

- The use of Jimmy Hendrix was practically required.

- An enthusiastic "Bring on The Plan!"

- A slightly less enthusiastic "Bring on Caprica!" I am looking forward to the show a lot, but I am expecting it to have very little to do with the show that just concluded. It's a family drama in a futuristic city with an artificial intelligence angle. And maybe we'll get a war angle if the show makes it past a few seasons, and I'm guessing that it won't. Unless it's really cheap to make (it's gotta be cheaper than BSG) and unless it somehow manages to bring in a ton of new viewers into the fold who don't even know what BSG stands for, then it's toast.

- er.

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