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Since this event ended, I've added to my very limited list of "animes I know" (previously only Death Note and Azumanga) a third series: Neon Genesis Evangelion. This makes sense of surprisingly many of the jokes I missed. Perhaps I should make Hell Girl number four...

I honestly never guessed that the TJI fiver had an ending. Having read this, I found it in short order, although, my word, MaverickZero, well done finding it without the hint.

I refuse to believe that the year-long-itude of this event was anything but planned from the start. I am simultaneously wonderfully amused by the phrase "albatross of Damocles" and -- based on its proximity to my name -- wondering whether it might be a reference to something else entirely. You wag.

As for the new movie, the adulation heaped upon it by the media does not surprise me at all, because "the rebirth of Trek" under new management with new actors and new continuity perfectly fit a rather powerful media narrative. Even though I enjoyed it -- quite a lot -- I'm still a bit surprised it made as much money as it did. The media and internet's freakout over BSG, by contrast, continues to make no sense to me whatever.

I'm glad this event worked out. Can't wait for the anniversary! Ten years...

Man, I'm old.

Addendum: As a diehard 5ME fan, I just want to say again how wonderful FM "The Dirty Pair" was for me. Especially since it starred my favorite ENT characters, who are of course Tucker and JJ Abrams.
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