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Nice article, Zeke.

Most people my age or older were pretty freaked out by their first encounters with anime -- all those huge eyes and sweatdrops just came across as bad art, and the animation quality was about on par with cartoons 20 years old.
I can agree with this. For the longest time I could not understand the appeal of anime. It just seemed stupid to me, especially all the weird hair styles. Now I tend to like it a lot more than a lot of western animation.

What really matters is that this mess is no longer hanging over my head like an albatross of Damocles.

This Just In Special Report: Next Generation anime to begin and begin and begin

I finally found the ending. It is pretty obvious, now that I think about it. I was originally thrown off by the false ending in the middle of the article and stopped looking.

Ironically, I just posted a much spicier comedy piece which involves twins -- but they're fraternal twins, so it wouldn't do anything for this crowd.
That...was weird. Funny, but weird. Very funny, but also very weird.

Originally Posted by Wowbagger View Post
Since this event ended, I've added to my very limited list of "animes I know" (previously only Death Note and Azumanga) a third series: Neon Genesis Evangelion. This makes sense of surprisingly many of the jokes I missed.
I've also recently added about three shows to the list of anime I know. Unfortunately, none of those new anime were referenced in the 5MAnime event, so it didn't help much. The anime were fun to watch, though.
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