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Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
I hope you read the description first so you knew I was parodying an existing series, not just making it all up. The actual show, Onegai Twins, is kinda fun. But those girls were sure less skeeved out by potential incest than I'd be.
Yeah. In fact, I think I may have run into the series somewhere before. I haven't watched any of it, but it may have shown up on one of my searches through Netflix.
Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
Do tell!
Speaking of Netflix, that's how I've been watching the new anime.

First, I found Noein. It's a show with some interesting ideas and some really crazy people. It's a sci-fi series about alternate universes, and I enjoyed watching it.

The second anime I discovered was Last Exile. It's another sci-fi series with a lot fewer crazy people (it has some crazy people, of course). It's about a multi-front war fought in the skies of an artificial world. It's pretty fun.

The third anime is Clannad. I was slightly embarrassed to start watching it, and I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I now love it. It's basically show about a highschool guy and a lot of girls who like him. I assumed that it would be either an ecchi show or a show that only girls would like, and I was prepared to turn it off at any moment. But as skeptical as I was when I started watching it, I came to really enjoy it. The characters are truly interesting and relate-able (and not just eye-candy). I found Clannad to be the most heart-warming, most heart-wrenching, happiest, saddest, most beautiful anime I've ever seen (not that I've seen that many, mind). I actually cried during some scenes. And I laughed during a lot of other scenes. Did I mention it was funny?

Oh, and Clannad has some crazy people too, but they're crazy in a humorous way and not a potentially homicidal way like the crazy people of the other shows.
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