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Zeke: As soon as I think of a less important subsite than Babylon 5, I'm making you head of it.
I get two subsites? Awesome!

Sa'ar: I do a good "New York, New York."

Zeke: Please don't.
I do know more than just that one Sinatra song.

Like, um, that other Sinatra song.

Sa'ar: Oh really? Merchant of Venice, Act 3, Scene 2. Go!

Kriegsgräber: "I pray you, tarry: pause a day or two before you hazard..."

(Sa'ar takes off his pin and puts it back in his pocket.)

(Scooter has just pulled up, riding a... a sc... I refuse to narrate this.)
This was far too funny the first time I read it.

Sa'ar: Comes in handy being Canadian, eh?
I do actually say eh. I think I started it to screw with some American's head, and got stuck.

Interesting. I wonder where all this is going.
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