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I read it. If I missed a sentence here and there it shouldn't matter. Quite a lot of pontificating and shoehorning went into that essay. You, Zeke, had the audacity to put the phrase "completely reasonable" in italics. Don't ever do that unless you mean it. I took that statement to mean that you were a believer in this nonsense. I therefore had to take some time off to cool down before replying. I'd say I didn't take enough time, but every time I came back to your initial post I'd just get angry again, so eventually I just went "This is never going to stop ticking me off, so I may as well reply now."

"What I am attempting to do is write a single historical narrative that reconciles the "Neroverse" and the "Primeverse" as being part of the same universe, with no resort to an explanation involving alternate universes or rewritten timelines." Wowbagger, whether or not you took this seriously, you wrote quite a lot of material that made it look like you were. If you didn't believe it, why write it in the first place?
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