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A week and not even one guess? Bleah. Okay, that was from "Contagion". The scene goes like this...

WESLEY: It's the Yamato, Captain. I can't stop thinking about her. All those people dead. I don't know how you and Commander Riker and Geordi, how you handle it so easily.
PICARD: Easily? Oh no, not easily. We handle it because we're trained to, as you will be. (to replicator) Tea, Earl Grey, hot. (back to Wesley) But if the time ever comes when the death of a single individual fails to move us --
(a potted plant appears in the replicator)
WESLEY: Didn't you order tea, sir?
PICARD: Now that should not have happened.

Fun fact I didn't realize till I looked up the scene on YT: this is actually the first time Picard gives his famous tea order. I'm sure he was seen drinking tea earlier, but the exact line first appears in this episode... only for the replicator to screw it up. Janeway can relate.


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