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Originally Posted by Nate the Great View Post
Why would it have to be pushed at kids?
Because it's a cartoon, and in America everyone knows that cartoons are for kids. Duh.

Balderdash, of course, and there are a very few home grown exceptions (Futurama being the only one I can conjure up right now, in additon to Gargoyles). The other two examples that you gave were both big-budget 3D animations, which is an altogether different beast - it's pretty new-ish, and completely lacking in the decades-long association between tradional animation and kids shows/films - and even then it's always slanted at 'family' entertainment. I need not have bothered typing that out, though, as by going on to list anime you're really very much made the point I'm belabouring right now, which is that it comes down to culture. What cartoons are in Japan is waay different than what they are in the West, at least in the minds of the people who are empowered to put the money up for them, and those are really the only people that matter. So that's why any latter-day Trek cartoon would invariably be aimed at kids and young teens. It sucks, but it's true.
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