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Adults watch cartoons. They watch Family Guy, The Simpsons, South Park... maybe King of the Hill and Futurama can/could be thrown in there as well.

A new animated Trek series would not be able to capture those viewers, at least not many of them. I'm thinking the best they could hope for was a Batman TAS vibe -- something marketed/aimed toward the kids, but with an adult enough vibe that certain longtime fans would pick up on it too.

But I think PHJ is right. Unless they were deliberately TRYING to capture the kid market (and really, Batman is way cooler than Star Trek and I imagine even a good, similarly toned Trek series would have/achieve stigmas and wouldn't capture the kids' interest nearly as well), I don't see it being a good move by Paramount.

Really, I think talking about any new series (at least, realistically) is a bit silly as that's just not where they're going now and won't be for a long while. I'm content to sit back and enjoy the films. Or not, as the case may be.

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