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Originally Posted by Flying Gremlin View Post
So I wonder how much hatred Zeke will have when I say that the announced show runner co-wrote the story that introduced "antimatter radiation"...
and he also wrote...

Flesh and Blood
Bride of Chaotica
Barge of the Dead
Course: Oblivion
Empok Nor

and "Company Man," widely acknowledged as the best episode of Season 1 of Heroes.

So, lots of funny, moving, powerful, character-driven episodes. I didn't watch Hannibal or Pushing Daisies but they've gotten a lot of love. He also noted in an older EW interview that he'd love to cast Captain Angela Basset and XO Rosario Dawson.

I'm happy with what I'm hearing so far. Who knows we might even get a series regular who's gay and not stereotyped, who just has a normal life and it's not the focus of the person's characterization.
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