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Default The Stuff You Always Wanted to Say Game

Through a series of events too long to recount here, I stumbled onto a site ( that tells stories about how ignorant some people are about computers. One story is the following:

Customer: "Can I ask you a really stupid question?"
Tech Support: "Yes. And history will bear me out on that."
Needless to say, that user was also a friend. I have always wanted to say this to someone, and there he was!

So, the game is, what phrases have you waited to say? Stuff you've read someplace and wanted to show off. Obscure puns you've wanted to repeat. Absolutely horrible groaners that you've wanted to inflict on an audience. We can also extend this to lines that we like to use, even though they are only amusing to ourselves.

Now I'll start of with my own examples:

I like to use the phrase "ciao for now" expressly because it is corny.

My brother once inadvertanly created one of the funniest and most horrible puns ever invented in my presence. He said that his role model was the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Get it? My sister and I still laugh over that one.

One time I actually said Shazam as an expletive, and even I immediately winced.

As for what I've always wanted to say, the answer is simple. I've been waiting for years for someone to ask what the meaning of life is, just so I can say 42. Horribly retreaded, overused, beaten to death, resurrected, then beated to death again joke, but I still love the idea of it. It cheers me up at times when little else will.
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