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Originally Posted by Wowbagger View Post
This joke actually went over my head. And it feels like it went JUST over my head, like I SHOULD get it but somehow don't.

What's with the antimatter box? Beyond the obvious fact that it'll blow up Phlox.
Phlox has a very different morality than the other crewmembers. He thought it was okay to allow the Valakian species to die off because it was their "evolutionary destiny." He created Sim, the clone of Trip, in order to harvest his brain tissue, but treats this sentient individual like a walking bag of parts, including refusing to hold his hand or stay with him as he was being put to death. He says outright in "Dead Stop" that his oath says "I can do no harm, but I can inflict as much pain as I like." He advised T'Pol to essentially become a sex worker to provide grief therapy for Trip, because a massage technique based on Vulcan physiology is not going to do bupkus for human physiology. (I ranted about this a lot on my website during Season 3 if you want to review it.) In "Singularity," Phlox nearly removed a chunk of Travis's parietal lobe.

Frankly, Phlox is a bit of a Dr. Frankenstein, and the crew doesn't necessarily have reason to love him. Zeke will have to answer specifically, but I read it as Malcolm taking revenge for everyone generally and for Trip in particular.
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