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I'm watching Trek tribute videos again...

PNQ: In "Relics" Scotty says "show me the bridge of the Enterprise." Aren't there dozens of ships that fit the description of "a ship called Enterprise that has a bridge"?

A quick look at Wikipedia shows that there have been dozens of Enterprises with bridges. Aircraft carriers, schooners, civilian craft, etc.

I found myself wondering if "starship Enterprise" would've been adequate description to make the computer limit itself to the NCC 1701 series. What about the XCV-330 (the "ring ship")?

That led me to the definition of "starship" as opposed to "spaceship". In TOS we see many usages of "spaceship" to indicate a something smaller (except for cargo vessels, of course) and slower than a "starship." What's the boundary line? Could it be that there's a threshold of warp power between the two? That is, lower speed ships have simpler warp drives and engineering systems that need a much smaller crew than the behemoth of a starship?

Of course, Scotty should've been more specific to begin with, but you can forgive a bit of this due to his current state of inebriation.
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