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1. Any subsite for a show I've seen, which I think is any other than the OC.

2. Hm. My "current" watching of shows mainly involves watching them weeks or months later online or on DVD. Probably Doctor Who though.

3. A lot of the books I'd like to see fived are already made / being made into movies. Narnia, Harry Potter, LotR, etc. I'd be interested in seeing / writing more VG fivers, especially the popular Nintendo franchises.

A lot of the other new content I consume is little kid's videos and unless people really want to see a 5MWiggles or 5MSesameStreet, I'm not going to have much to contribute.

Oh, and Nate, if you're interested in fiving Smallville yourself, have at. Anything from Season 8 is fair game.
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