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1. Which subsite(s) do you most look forward to new material from?
ENT and Classic BSG.

2. Which current show(s) would you most like to see covered at
How about Merlin? S1 is already on DVD, S2 just finished in the U.S., and S3 is being filmed (or might have just finished) in Wales and France. I understand it's meant to be similar to Smallville, the show itself has plenty of comedy, and there's lots of room for Monty Python jokes. Lots and lots.

3. What other show(s), etc., would you like to see us do?
I actually thought about this a while ago, but I figured nobody would go for it (and that's still probably true): what about fiving some history? Examples: American presidents, Canadian presidents, painters, writers, styles of architecture... I know it's more "Cliff's Notes" than "fivers" but I think it could be funny.

George Washington: the first. Did the thing with the cherry tree. Wooden false teeth. Decent general. Rushmore 1.

Abraham Lincoln: Gave good speech. Civil war. Freed the slaves. Good sense of humor. Rushmore 2. Pay no attention to the JFK conspiracists.

Franklin Roosevelt: The one with polio who had four terms. Rushmore 3.
Theodore Roosevelt: Not the one with polio.

John Adams: Not his son.
John Quincy Adams: Not his father.

Benjamin Harrison: The filling in the Grover Cleveland sandwich.

John F. Kennedy: Sent us to the moon. Gave good speech. Pay no attention to the Lincoln conspiratists.

and Derek, I wouldn't mind a 5MSesame Street...
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