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Canadian presidents
Prime Ministers.

Sir John A. Macdonald: Drunk. Built railroad. Still drunk. Unelected. Re-elected. Still drunk.

Sir Wilfred Laurier: Very important to high school history classes. Did many things, none of them memorable.

Mackenzie King: Prime Minister. Still Prime Minister. Still Prime Minister. Still Prime Minister. Not Prime Minister.

Trudeau: Roses. Pirouettes. Fuddle-duddle. Cuckolded by Mick Jagger. Way more interesting than any other PM.

Diefenbaker: Had a bunker. That is all.

1. Which subsite(s) do you most look forward to new material from?
NexGen, DS9.

2. Which current show(s) would you most like to see covered at
I don't actually watch any current shows. I got into Stargate about a month before it ended, and by the time I got caught up with ten seasons plus five of spinoff, Atlantis was over. Plus I don't get cable.

3. What other show(s), etc., would you like to see us do?
I'll let you know if I think of one.
The first run through of any experimental procedure is to identify any potential errors by making them.
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