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0. Do you have any suggestions for how to improve this survey?

Yes. Absolutely. Make a news post about it for the front page. Or maybe add a line about it to the 10th anniversary blurb. Something like that.

1. Which subsite(s) do you most look forward to new material from?

Any of them, whether I follow / care about the original material or not, because I am hopeless like that. But particularly the Treks and, ummm . . . any fivers that are especially funny.

ALSO: I'm still hoping for the last parts for the previous "panel discussion" thing. Not to get you down or anything.

2. Which current show(s) would you most like to see covered at (Current means either running right now or renewed for next season.)

Doctor Who's about the only sci-fi one that I pay any attention to. Not that there are a lot of them going on right now, but . . . yeah. Don't worry about it though, I'm not fussy.

3. What other show(s), etc., would you like to see us do? (Etc. meaning not just shows; this is where you can suggest other stuff like books and videogames.)

Nothing comes to mind. I'm quite happy puttering around in Miscellaneous. Speaking of which, I should add a survey to my sig. (he said quite meaningfully)

I had a fiver for a computer game going for a while, just for my own amusement, but I think I misplaced most of it.
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