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Hmm, these are some fairly unexpected responses. Very interesting.

Originally Posted by NAHTMMM View Post
0. Do you have any suggestions for how to improve this survey?

Yes. Absolutely. Make a news post about it for the front page.
An excellent point, and one you shouldn't have had to make -- my plan was to link to it in an update later that day, but I was delayed. When that update's finished, it'll include the link.

Originally Posted by Valium
Any interest in Five-Minute The Castle of Otranto?
Heh, I read that in high school. I don't remember it well enough to do a fiver, but I'd certainly take one.

Nate: Have you ever heard of negative reinforcement? I've got the site back on its feet for the first time in years. Complaining now just sends the message that I'm wasting my time.
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