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Default So here's a thing.

Not quite as exciting as a baby - though doubtless if I announced I was having one it would upstage Derek and Blueberry completely, muwahahaha... ahem, moving on - but still fairly exciting for me. I refer to my first proper employment, which will be with the organisation I'm already at on a voluntary basis.

[Insert Count Jim 'Thighs' Moriarty type ramblings here about oh-ee-oh-ee-oh type-oh the lovely money]

Uh, yes. Quite how I've managed to get to 22 without managing that yet is... well, not that much of a mystery really, depression has had much to do with it, but I have been self-employed for two and a bit years now. In a way it won't be anything new as I'll be doing exactly what I'm doing now, though with a bit more responsibility, but it's still a scary/exciting propect all the same.

So. I guess now I point and laugh at Sa'ar for a while.
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