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Originally Posted by Sa'ar Chasm View Post
So. I guess now I point and laugh at Sa'ar for a while.

Bite my shiny nascent PhD. :P

( )

Originally Posted by Sa'ar Chasm
I found out this weekend that a biofuels prof I want to work with does want me in his group. Now I just have to find out if the old alma mater will let me back in (they accepted me the first time, surely they'll accept me a second time).

Plus, I'm writing a test for Health Canada next Saturday for some sort of regulatory position, and I've applied for another job as an evaluator in a department that's hired three of my former lab mates (here's hoping they put in a good word for me).

So, nyah. :P

It's nice when things finally go right for a change.
A plague on both your houses!

I mean... wait...

You know what I mean.

Seriously, though, congrats to both of you.
O to be wafted away
From this black aceldama of sorrow;
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Is the earth of a dusty tomorrow!
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