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I found out about this song tonight when my sister showed me a YouTube video with some familiar background music. I've never actually played Mega Man 2, but I've heard that song before, and I was surprised to hear it with lyrics. I discovered this site, which has a links to a lot of versions of the song, including the X Japan one you mentioned. I really liked the choir version (to which I cannot get a link to work, for some reason) and the one on the piano. Looking for the lyrics, I found out that the song was about memories, which is when I remembered this thread.
I think the song is good, though it's not quite my favorite song ever.
By the way, searching for "okkusenman" yeilds many more results than "Okku Sen Man".

Oh, and do you mean "Ryuusei no Rockman" when you say "RnR"? I'm guessing not many people here are familiar with that abbreviation. I didn't know what it meant, and I'm a fan of Megaman.
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