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I watched the pilot, and this is the pilot, so I can totally comment!

And I really don't have interest in sitting down and watching the series spoiler-free, so I'll continue reading the fivers.

Connor: She's back, but her lifesigns are fading! And all I'm getting from her comms is this "uh" sound.
Georgiou: Beam her back!
Saru: The transporters still can't penetra--
Georgiou: Yes, yes, right. (sigh) I swear, 85 percent.
Georgiou is very genre-savvy.

Georgiou: I'm waiting for the part you couldn't tell me over the comm.
Very genre-savvy. She does need to learn to turn around though.

T'Kuvma: ...This is awkward. You're a creepy genetic freak. We didn't say anything because you weren't making waves, but...
Voq: It's just white skin! I can tan! Watch! (sticks arm in flame) --YEEEARGH!
T'Kuvma: I do like the enthusiasm, though.
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