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Originally Posted by Zeke View Post
Here are a few observations on the first two before I watch tonight's ep. I always find it complicated to review things because I'm worried about stealing from the fiver, but what the heck -- I have no idea how long it'll take to finish that.
Only if you ever respond to my draft email, Zeke.

Now that the mid-season break is here, I should take a moment to say that I really enjoy this show. Perhaps it's my attitude that got me there - I try to let optimism reign, but I also prepare for the worst - and I found this was somewhere pleasantly in the middle.

My impressions from the first two episodes were that the pilot two were weaker than the rest of the series. It actually took until "Choose Your Pain" for me to get excited to see this show every week at 5 PM on Monday - CraveTV in Canada has a 24 hour delay for posting their episodes. My notes from earlier still hold true, and my like for Burnham I can address later on.

There are characters I like better than others. On the like list, besides the aforementioned Burnham, are Saru, Staments and Tyler. On the other side, Tilly needs a lot more fleshing out before I can say I like her mostly because she's so damned annoying. I also am not a fan of Dr. Culber, and that redhead on helm whom Burnham served with on the Shenzhou, I can't even remember her name and I want her to reconcile with Burnham to ease each of their's conscience...

Special mentions:

Rainn Wilson makes a fantastic Harry Mudd. And actually seeing Stella before she "drove him to the stars"... that was a treat.

L'Rell. Oh God, L'Rell. First off, she's actually a lot like a TOS Klingon and gives me some hope that they link the portrayals of Klingons through her - the descended through spies touch was nice. Second, does anyone want to talk about the massive plot hole of L'Rell/Tyler and how if he endured seven months of torture, L'Rell was only around for a month and we don't know what he did to survive those first six months?

I miss Voq.

And I think the Discovery herself is fugly. Yes, I know, she's based off of the sketches from Planet of the Titans, but it's bad. Like, Starfleet designers went to work drunk bad. I loved every other design of main ship, but the Discovery could be scrapped tomorrow and I would not shed a tear.
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