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I really like Stamets. Once he got past Random Jerkass stage and moved to Interesting Fuckup stage, which includes moments of Jerkass, he became extremely appealing.

Honestly I like everybody. I like that they're huge messes. I like that Tilly is competent at her job and a total doofus personally. I like that Lorca is a charismatic paranoid obsessive. I like the human-Vulcan tension in Burnham. (The Burnham-Tyler romance seems slightly forced, but whatevs.)

And as far as continuity... I don't care. I absolutely do. not. care. I am a Trekkie and I can argue continuity and the combination of Kirk's safe and makeup-vs-virus with the best of Get-A-Lifers. I just don't care. It simply doesn't bother me enough to get in the way.

Maybe because the show is so obviously just not pretending to care? The show itself is having fun putting the past in a blender and rebooting and rejiggering and rewriting? I mean, really, really, would anyone want to see sets which looked like they were built out of styrofoam and cardboard because "this is pre-Kirk and that's how Kirk's ship looked"?

This is Trek by way of BSG2K dipping into the Abramsverse and coming out as its own thing. And that's fine. If I don't like it, my DVDs are right over there on the shelf. TOS streams on Amazon Prime, which is how we're watching it with my kid. There's just so much other bullshit in the world right now which requires me to expend my energy and gin up my outrage that I just don't have any to spare for worrying about this. Besides, after the utter character assassination of T'Pol over the course of ENT, and the complete hatchet job of The Abomination, there's pretty much nothing Trek can do which is going to tick me off any more. It's all been done. The sacred sehlats have been slaughtered.

That's me personally. If the uniforms and TECH really chafe your ass, you are welcome to be as annoyed as you like. I deny no one the right to nitpick and bitch.
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