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Originally Posted by Wowbagger View Post
Say what you will about VOY's gradual erosion of the once-fearsome Q character into comic relief; they never went back to a major beloved recurring character from two previous series and the movie franchise and said, "Hey, this guy? He's actually a garbage person. And we're going to make an entire episode about his garbageness so you literally cannot stop thinking about how incompatible this is for a single minute of the entire episode. And his utterly immoral action is a betrayal of the core personality and relationships established for him in previous outings."
I absolutely hear you. You make a lot of good points.

So maybe it's that I, personally, don't care because I, personally, can't possibly connect these characters to the originals. Maybe it's that I, personally, am not bothering in the slightest to try to connect psychopathic murderer Disco!Mudd to con man goofball TOS Mudd. It's so obviously not him that it's beyond chalk and cheese, it's chalk and jazz. The whole business with Sarek and Spock over Burnham is just... ridiculous. It's not even laughable. It's not even fanfic. It's just another thing, over here. I'm not even bothering to think that it's related to TOS. Like I said above, it's BSG2K via JJAbrams, and some of the names happen to match up. It's Discovery, but I'm honestly, personally not putting Star Trek in front of it. I don't hold it to that standard. I don't have those expectations. I have no expectations for it at all. I'm not indifferent, precisely, but I'm not in the least invested.

Trek is a particular and special thing. This is not that thing. It's a good thing in its own, different way. But it's not a Trek thing.
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